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Looking for a new theme for a sideblog.

Find a person who makes really nice, simple themes.

Go to select one of their nice themes.

Theme directly below it is named for a racial slur.

Flips off page as I exit out of the page.

Never ever forget that


-Steve Rogers was raised by an Irish-catholic single mom in New York in the Depression era -Steve Rogers grew up with a ton of disabilities -Steve Rogers had an apartment in an incredibly gay section of New York -Steve Rogers was a fine arts student -Steve Rogers completely missed the Red Scare, McCarthyism, the Cold War, Vietnam, Korea, etc. -Steve Rogers was written by two Jewish guys -Steve Rogers had a gay best friend and did not consider his love to be any less valid or less real -Steve Rogers worked with Japanese-American and black soldiers in, again, the Second World War -Steve Rogers was just in a movie about how utterly fucked up the military-industrial complex is Basically if your Steve Rogers is a conservative commie-hating uberChristian who would be at home in a racist southern church, you’re doing something wrong.

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Working on another Morpheus. #art #drawing #dc #vertigo #drawingoftheday #sandman #comicbooks #comics #instaart #makingshit #morpheus

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I have been snort laughing at cr1tikal for the last five minutes I need to sleep

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'This 20-something guy asked me to get naked for him here are the chatlogs and evidence and also he admitted to it on his blog.'


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I have no idea what is going on but I swear if these people being discussed on my dash’s first response is an underaged girl outing an adult for soliciting nudes is to defend the adult then they probably need their asses beat.

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Me (located in Iceland) and my friend (located in New Zealand) made the biggest sandwich of all time.

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TMNT to feature turtles “balls”



While trailers for the Michael Bay produced TMNT film look promising, all is not well. A source close to the production claims a sequence in the film where April sees Donatello’s ‘balls’ is not likely to be cut. The source described the scene below.

"April is hanging out in the Turtles underground home/lair . Donatello, who is portrayed as the most human like sort of "sexy" of the four is taking a shower. Not realizing he jumps out of the shower - April gasps and does a double take and says something along the lines of "you have those?" . Donatello says something along the lines of "whoa my shell is cold today" before grabbing his boa staff and covering up. It’s a play on the scene from the Sex and the City movie where Samantha catches a man exposing himself after a rooftop shower. April later mentions it in passing to Splinter who says "they are anatomically correct…" or something similar. "

It sounds like a cheap laugh but not totally out of character. Some of the other news of this films potty humor mentions Splinter talking about how hard it is to goto the bathroom in his suit and a pizza party that jokes about “4/20” . 


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tumblr user lovelysodapop is an enemy of the republic.

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"I don’t give a SHIT about age difference the day you married my sister is the day I became your overlord and Christ help you if my sister is ever unhappy"


Darry wakes up to Tim on his couch a lot more often after that…

even though he started locking the door after Pony went to college.

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Anonymous: Johnny/Marcia

disgusting trash / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

Huh. Hadn’t even thought of this one before.

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Anonymous: Raziago

disgusting trash / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

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