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So Canada is basically tossing their protection of Humpback Whales in the garbage in order to enable them to put an oil pipeline right through critical habitat territory.

Just in case, y’know, anyone wants to stop talking about moose and maple syrup for a second.

Here, have a petition.

Parents home. Apparently nothing was out there or they would have said something.

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cr1tikal is gonna be on his death bed and his last words are probably going to be a monotonous, sarcastic “well fuck my asshole”

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Like it could just be the smell from my neighbors drifting down here (she’s a heavy smoker and her whole house/yard reeks of nicotine and on windy days it carries) but we’ve never been able to smell her stuff from indoors. That’s why I’m pretty sure it’s someone immediately outside the door.

My parents should be home soon and I have the dog here with me and I’m just going to stay still and try not to make too much noise unless something happens.

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I want to look out the window and see who the fuck is on my property but I’m a little freaked out because they’d see the curtains move like

what the fuck do I do

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Someone is smoking like right outside the front door…

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I often forget that superheroes are supposed to be these hyper-masculine male fantasies because I spend so much time talking about their emotional vulnerabilities and imagining them in lacy thongs

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Met new neighbor dude person. I s2g he said his name was Shale. Anyway he has the twangiest fucking drawl it is great he came to get his pup out of my yard. Franke was not eating the beagle thankfully.

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I am naming the firebender avatar before Roku Jafar until proven otherwise.


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New Ask Meme: Send me music that you think describes my aesthetic


I saw a few asks that say “describe my aesthetic” so this one takes a bit more creativity.

Whether it’s the lyrics or just the over all sound, send me a song that you think fits my “aesthetic”

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Song: Solid Snake
Artist: Psycosis

Plays: 69,169
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